Are you a college student and need money fast? In September, when the academic year begins, banks signal an increased demand for loans for university students. These loans for young people are adapted, so they have a lower interest rate, almost no fees and repayment can often be postponed. You can agree with the bank that you will repay the loan with interest only after graduation, when you will be self-employed. Arranging a loan is very simple and that is why it has become popular in recent years.


Why a loan for college students?

Why a loan for college students?

Loans for university students can be obtained by I or II degree students. It can even be obtained by students studying abroad. In Slovakia, you can get these quick loans in banks or they will be provided to you by the Student Loan Fund , which is urging the Ministry of Education. These unsecured loans can amount to up to $ 1,300. Approximately such an amount is required for a university student for one academic year. In banks, you can multiply this amount several more times. You do not need to confirm the receipt of this loan, no guarantor, all you need is proof of a visit to the school.


Loan from the Student Loan Fund

Student Loan Fund

The most advantageous loan option for university students . The loan is submitted before the beginning of the academic year. The amount of the loan can be up to USD 1,327.76. Three percent interest will come in handy for every student. Even if you start repaying the loan during your studies, there will be no interest rate . You don’t have to prove to anyone why you use the loan money .


Flexi loan for students from Cream Bank

Flexi loan for students from Cream Bank

This student loan from Cream Bank is tailored for students. A low interest rate is a solid foundation. The loan is flexible, so it will adapt to you if you require a change. It is designed for students of full-time as well as distance learning. You don’t have to prove the purpose of using the funds, because it is a non-purpose loan, and you only need a minimum of documents. Students of selected universities in Slovakia, with whom Cream has an agreement, will receive an extraordinary advantage.


YeSavers Bank student loan

student loan

The student loan from YeSavers is intended exclusively for full-time students. It belongs to quick loans, you have money in your account within 48 hours. The repayment period is 5 years from the end of the study, but 10 years from the submission of the loan application. The loan is provided to students of the 2nd and higher year. The amount of the loan is from 700 to 6500 dollars . To obtain this loan, you do not need to have a current account with a bank, but you must have a guarantor (joint and several debtor).


Consumer loan for university students from Best Bank

Consumer loan

Bank loan in the amount of 650 to 10,000 dollars . Every full-time student at a Slovak university can apply for a loan. Loan fees are minimal and one-time. The loan repayment period is 1 to 5 years. Of course, it is possible to request a deferral of payments. The interest rate is 8.5% pa and is guaranteed not to change.


Consumer loan for anything for university students from bank

Consumer loan for anything for university students from Delta-77 Bank

A loan intended for students from the first year of university. The age of the student is in the range from 18 to 26 years, with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. This loan requires a guarantor, who is obliged to supervise the repayment of the loan. This loan for young people is up to 8,000 dollars . Proof of credit is not necessary, you can use the money for anything. The first loan repayment can be deferred for 9 months.